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guided_readings's Journal

Guided Readings in Philosophy
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This is a community for guided readings in philosophy. The topic changes as we finish a work and start on the next one.

Here is the format:

    The moderator or discussion leader will post the assigned reading and state a time period by which that reading should be completed.

    The moderator or discussion leader will assign a number of participants (usually one to three) to draft short, informal "reaction essays" based on the reading to start discussion.

    Discussion of the reading will continue for a period of three days, after which, the moderator or discussion leader will assign the next reading.

    Additional posts from participants who are not assigned readings are allowed, as long as they contribute to the discussion.

    If you haven't done the reading, don't comment; just listen like you would to a lecture and use the time to catch up.

    This is not the place for flaming others. That's what philosophy is for. Constructive criticism is encouraged. That being said, participants should realize that there are lots of very intelligent people who know a lot about certain subjects, and should take advantage of that knowledge by listening and thinking, rather than firing off comments. We're all here to learn, not bicker.

    Notwithstanding the last provision, I'm sure sometimes a mean thing or two will get said. Grow a thick skin. If it's outrageous, the moderators will deal with it. If someone is mean to you, shrug it off rather than carry it on.