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Guided Readings in Philosophy
Summary of Introduction, §73-89 
11th-Jun-2010 05:13 pm
§73-75 We must eschew all prolegomenae to thought and but bravely set out thinking.

§76 There can be no foundation for the project of thought but what thought discovers in the conclusions of its projects.

§77-78 Truth can be neither immediately known nor unknowable, but is known in its mediation.

§79 Our negation of the untrue produces a determinate nothingness in which the mediation of the truth is discovered.

§80 The essence of consciousness is to go beyond itself, so too it can be satisfied with only that truth in which it recognizes itself in this beyond.

§81 No criterion of truth is available to science as it comes on the scene.

§82-84 The in itself and the for us are moments of our consciousness of an object, so too is that consciousness the activity of a criterion for knowledge.

§85-86 The pursuit of truth is the activity of consciousness as it educates itself to the task of knowing.

§87 The activity of consciousness in self-education is that reflection on the form of its knowing by which that form is itself posited and negated.

§88-89 The system of these forms exhausts the contents of our science, and the act of this education exhausts its practice.
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